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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

ATC February for Willowing and Friends

Mindy @ Willowing has now received the trading cards I sent her so I can post pictures of them :) The theme for February was Africa and proved quite a challange. In the end I settled upon a pen and ink wash of a pair of carved fertility dolls that I have and also a watercolour sunset landscape. Although the landscape took less time I think that this one is my favourite of the pair as I love the way the colours have blended. 


Dani Duck said...

I like the top image of the elephants the best. It's so beautiful. I've always wanted to do some of those ATCs. They seem like a lot of fun.

BTW you have 3 daft cats? I have one, but I bet she beats all three of yours. She's a bit hrm... eccentric.

Mindy Blanchard said...

They are absolutely gorgeous!

Sarah said...

Thank you both - I really appreciate your kind comments and feedback x