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Thursday, April 01, 2010

March ATC - on Willowing

It's April, its sunny and relatively warm and tomorrow is the beginning of Easter - and if that wasn't enough today I received two sets of ATC swaps. I am only posting the cards that I have swapped with Tam (@ Willowing) as Mary hasn't received the ones I have sent out - the other ATCs I will post in the next day or so when I have confirmation that Mary has seen the cards I have sent her :) )

March's swapping theme was Picasso & AN other.

Here are the cards that I created  for Tam -

This is a watercolour and ink card of based on a larger piece I am working on. I chose this theme as we are in the spring leading up to Easter and I enjoy working around various seasonal pieces.

My Picasso themed card was based on an earlier painting of my own ('Making an Entrance' - this can be seen earlier in the blog) which I reworked in a style remeniscent to Picasso's later work.

In return Tam sent me two lovely trading cards which I have sceanned and inserted here so that you can get an idea of them -

 Both of the cards have a lovely texture and the scanned images do not do the colours justice. Some of the overall details have also been lost in the final scan  - this image has beautiful vivid pink text overlayed around the top and edges - this unfortunately cannot be seen on the scan.

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Mary said...

Hey Sarah,

Love all of the ATC's, too bad that the scanning doesn't do them justice. Thanks for posting!